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Barcode Scanning Solutions

Now supports 2D barcodes!

Warehouse Management Solutions

Blue Echidna Company


Blue Echidna is a collaborative venture between Verdant Software Development and MYOB EXO software implementers. Blue Echidna provides a one-stop solution for supply chain and warehouse management.

Blue Echidna Products


We provide a number of warehouse-friendly modules and solutions that are focused on improving warehouse efficiencies. The Blue Echidna range was specifically developed to address the concerns of MYOB EXO users.

Blue Echidna Technology


There are various Technology that are compatible with our Blue Echidna products. Certain devices like Android based mobiles linked via Bluetooth to a SocketĀ© handheld scanner is all you need.

Blue Echidna Contact


If you are interested in working together, or require more information about our range of products, get in touch. Send through an email or give us a call, we would love to hear from you.