List of devices that work in conjunction with Blue Echidna
  • The system has been developed for MYOB EXO v8.2 and above.
  • The client software runs on Android phones and tablets, and is developed in Java..
  • Most Android devices will work, but for best results select from the list of approved devices below.
  • The picking handset communicates over WI-FI with a .NET MVC Web Service.
  • The web service maintains a local SQL database for orders being picked, and updates the MYOB EXO database when an order has been fully picked and submitted for invoicing.
  • The handset communicates each item pick to the web service in real time. If one handset stops working the user can simply pick-up another handset and retrieve all the details for the order in progress.

List of approved devices

For best results, a robust device with at least a 4.7” screen is required.

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • Kogan Model Number
  • Huawei Model Number
  • Google Model Number
  • Socket Model Numbers

Barcode Scanners

With mobile computing and data collection solutions from Socket, your business can:

  • Place orders and update inventory in real-time
  • Have complete visibility of inventory status throughout the supply chain
  • Minimize overstocking and inventory misplacement
  • Replace what was traditionally done on paper with automated processes
  • Optimize order fulfillment procedures

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