A brief overview of Blue Echidna's Scan Pick module

Benefits of this module:

  • Simpler
  • Faster
  • More accurate
  • Reduces the number of picking staff by 20%
  • Costs less than you would expect

Blue Echidna Picking Module delivers huge improvements in efficiency. Not only are picking errors eliminated, but pickers can be directed along the most economic route in the warehouse during their pick cycles. Pickers will be notified of how much to pick, where to pick from, what the product looks like (image). All scans are validated with sound notifications for correct and incorrect product scans. This picking system utilises the latest Android OS platform. A component of the software is easily installed on a smartphone (See list for approved devices). The server component of the software is installed on the same server as your MYOB EXO database. The smartphone is worn by the picker on his/ her arm using an armband called a saddle.  The smartphone is paired to a Bluetooth barcode scanner. This is attached through a retractable line clip to the picker’s belt. The picker can use both hands to carry products to the shopping trolley or basket. This picking system has brought about increased accuracy in picking and a considerable saving in time. In many cases users of the system have eliminated the need for checking orders. Please see our case studies for further details.



The system is Fully Integrated into MYOB EXO and supports the following:

  • Kits
  • Linked Stock Codes
  • Lookup codes
  • Serial numbers
  • Batch Codes with Expiry dates
  • Correct EXO Object lock functionality
  • Checking against physical stock
  • Whole orders or part supply orders
  • Lower cost than conventional scan and pick systems
  • Ability to run on any Android device via Wi Fi or 3G
  • Tightly integrated with EXO
  • Proven track record and reference sites
  • Cutting edge technology

What industries is it suited to?

Stock based companies using MYOB EXO where picking solutions are required The Blue Echidna Picking Module is directly and seamlessly integrated into MYOB EXO. It supports real-time picking. In other words, as orders are received (or released for picking in MYOB EXO) they are available on the hand held device for picking. The system ensures only one picker can have ownership of an order at any time. However, if necessary it will allow another user to take over an order already in progress, even if they are using a different handset.

How much does it cost?

Contact us for pricing. The configuration will depend on your exact requirements. The pricing is highly competitive compared to other solutions available.

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