Blue Echidna Products Overview


Recent advances in technology mean that the cost of mobile solutions in warehouses has decreased to the point where smaller warehouses are able to order the same technologies that larger businesses have used for the last decade.

With the advent of Android devices and integrated scanners, the cost of the hardware and software components has decreased significantly.

Blue Echidna has created a complete warehousing solution for small to medium sized businesses. Our solution has been developed with our EXO partners who understand the requirements, and understand the complex nature of integrating seamlessly with the EXO database.

Blue Echidna provides cutting edge software using the latest in technology.

The Blue Echidna range was specifically developed to address the concerns of MYOB EXO users who were dissatisfied with the products and services available from a range of suppliers. We consistently received comments from MYOB EXO users, complaining about:

check_boxsmallBad after sales service and support from existing providers

check_boxsmallOutdated technology

check_boxsmall Poor integration into EXO

check_boxsmallHigh initial cost of hand held devices

check_boxsmall No clear lines of responsibility between EXO implementer and 3rd Party supplier


Our solution has been specifically designed to address all these failures, and in addition:

check_boxsmall Blue Echidna provides audio and visual clues to reduce errors

check_boxsmall Blue Echidna has tight integration into the MYOB EXO database

check_boxsmall Blue Echidna can use wireless or even the 3G or 4G network


Blue Echidna Interface


The Blue Echidna Warehouse range comprises 5 modules

The Blue Echidna Supply Chain range consists of 2 additional products


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